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Discover the Allure collection

Discover the Allure collection


Chic, versatile,
sophisticated and refined

Le Marin

Urban, creative, harmonious
and welcoming

Le Sirocco

Raw, natural,
local and authentic atmosphere

Le Mistral

Soft, bohemian, neutral and
enchanting atmosphere

Move into a Prêt à vivre condo!

Prêt à vivre is an all-inclusive furnishing and decorating solution for busy people. We take care of everything—laying out the space, coordinating purchases and deliveries and making sure that all of it is set up, so everything is ready for you when you arrive.

Included :

Decorative accessories
Window treatments

Who is Prêt à vivre for?


Prêt à vivre condos can be rented out at a higher rate per square foot, meaning these units are more profitable and easier to rent.

Busy people

With a Prêt à vivre condo, you save time when you move in. Walk into a perfectly designed, well-thought-out and set up home and avoid the hassle of purchases and returns.

First-time buyers

Moving into a Prêt à vivre unit means knowing you have everything you need at your fingertips without having to coordinate it yourself. What’s more, a perfectly furnished and decorated unit costs the same as making the purchases separately.

Buyers moving from a house to a condo

Investing in a Prêt à vivre condo saves buyers the headache of trying to make their old furniture fit their new space. Furniture selected for a house is not adapted to condo living. It’s much easier to entrust everything to a team of experts who know how to create a perfectly harmonious living space.

3 easy steps for a stylish décor

Tell us about your condo!

Share with us all the details of your condo (dimensions, number of rooms, ceiling height, etc.), your lifestyle, the number of people who will live there, your decorating style, your plans, etc

Design approval & budget

Our team analyzes your information and presents you with a moodboard proposal which shows the styles, colors and artistic direction along with the Prêt à vivre project budget.

Delivery and installation

Our team of experts take care of everything. We manage purchases, negotiate down prices with our suppliers, supervise and coordinate work, and transform your condo Prêt à vivre into a space that reflects the real you.

Testimonials from satisfied Prêt à vivre clients

« It’s a wonderful formula! The Prêt à vivre team took care of everything from buying the furniture to putting the final touches on the decoration. All the deliveries were taken care of, a real time saver. I now live in a very stylish condo with unique finishing touches and lots of style! Speacial thanks to Patrick for his sweetness and openness! »


Marie-Ève Gélinas


« What are result! It’s an amazing service. I had tight deadlines. I wanted my condo to be rented quickly with a kitchen kit, adequate bedding, etc. The Prêt à vivre team of professionnals has created an effective formula While I went about my business, my condo became a well designed and functional condo. It really helped with the rental! I recommend them 100%! »


Josh Greenberg


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