Apr 20, 2021

The advantages of Prêt à vivre

Discover Prêt à vivre and relax!

You’re moving soon? Your heart’s racing at the very thought of all the work ahead? Relax, we have the perfect solution! Prêt à vivre is the equivalent of stepping into a 5-star hotel. When you set foot in your new home, all that is left to do is to empty your suitcase, set up your belongings, and voilà! Home sweet home. That’s right. The move can be done in under 2 hours. What’s more, it’s affordable and you can even add it to your mortgage.

Exciting . . . but exhausting!

Buying a new condo is a very exciting experience! You visit several units, meet different sales teams to compare your options and carefully study the market to make an informed choice. Next, you work with your bank, pay a visit to a notary and, lastly, plan out the move. Think the difficult part is behind you? Think again! This is where the real challenges begin. Many decisions must be made. Wall colours, furniture, layout, trips back and forth to stores to find the perfect combinations, dealing with suppliers to perform the work, etc. Just thinking about it can make you dizzy.

With Prêt à vivre, you’re not alone to deal with design and decorating. Not only will your new condo meet your tastes and needs, it will create a WOW effect every time you step through the door.

A team of experts

For the past 13 years, the Prêt à vivre team has been creating functional, well-thought-out homes with high added value that meet the needs of condo owners. To date, our urban housing experts have brought to life over 6,500 condo unit projects. Prêt à vivre is made up of talented decorators, experienced professional craftspeople and skillful technicians who take charge of everything, from furniture to decorative accessories, delivery to installation. It’s the same team that works on Clairoux’s large-scale interior design projects.

Optimized space

Every square foot, every storage space, every piece of furniture that enters your condo is carefully thought through and mindfully selected. Nothing is left to chance!

A worry-free experience

By choosing our turnkey decorating solutions for room design, furniture shopping and purchasing kitchen items, linen and decorations, your move becomes an enjoyable — dare we say relaxing—experience.

Coordination experts

Our team takes care of furniture delivery, placing orders and negotiating with suppliers. We coordinate the work of painters, electricians, assembly helpers, seamstresses for custom window treatments, cleaning, etc. Given our extensive experience, timelines are always met. No surprises. Your condo will be ready as planned, with everything you need to make yourself right at home!

Save time

Imagine. You will save 150 hours of shopping, decision-making, coordinating workers and waiting for deliveries. And that doesn’t even include the time needed to perform different jobs such as installing light fixtures, etc.

We think of everything

When you arrive, everything is all set, ready for you to enjoy:

1. Furniture, carpets, picture frames, mirrors, custom curtains, carefully selected decorations, plants, bedside and coffee table books, etc.
2. Pre-washed tableware for 4: plates, mugs, glasses, wine glasses, utensils, basic cooking instruments, pots and pans, kettle, toaster, kitchen towel, napkins, etc.
3. Pre-washed bathroom linen: 4 sets of towels, soap, etc.
4. Double or queen bed sheets, comforter, pillows, etc. All nice and clean.

Easier, and lighter on your wallet

Financially speaking, furnishing and decorating your condo yourself would probably cost more than using our all-inclusive design solution. And your results might not exactly meet your expectations.

Interesting finance options

Your Prêt à vivre condo can be financed. You can even add it to your mortgage as part of a monthly payment. We are talking about a difference of only a few dollars per month.

Renting made easy

If you are buying a condo for rental purposes, it will be much easier to rent if your condo is furnished with a polished design!

Unmatched supplier selection

When it comes to furniture suppliers, Prêt à vivre only works with the best. We value durable, practical and stylish furniture. We also prefer to buy local when possible.

Watch our introductory video and visit our website to learn more!