Jan 20, 2021

Time is money!

A must for real estate investors

Prêt à vivre was developed so real estate investors purchasing new condos could rent quickly by offering well-thought-out, attractive and practical living spaces adapted to their clients’ needs. Discover our all-inclusive design solution specifically designed for city life.

Investor solution

Are you a real estate investor who finds that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day? Are you planning on purchasing a condo and would love to be able to buy some time? You should know that, on average, purchasing a condo adds up to 150 hours of management and other tasks!

Buying a property, no matter the type, is a very time-consuming process for new owners. If you’re the type to always feel like there’s never enough time, Prêt à vivre is what you need: a turnkey solution that saves you time while allowing you to capitalize on your new rental condo in no time. With Prêt à vivre, we’ve got you covered!

What is Prêt à vivre?

Prêt à vivre is a solution designed to relieve you of the burden of undertaking the interior design and furnishing of your rental condo. By saying yes to this turnkey solution, you’re spared the shopping, difficult decisions, aesthetic slip-ups, tiresome deliveries, furniture assembly, and window treatment, artwork and lighting installation, not to mention washing all the bedding and linens. Here’s your chance to turn to a team of professionals specialized in space design and furnishing, all while saving countless hours.

Save 145 hours

With Prêt à vivre, spend only a few hours of your time talking to us about your tastes and the type of tenant you are targeting for the unit. During this meeting, our team of designers will analyze your information in order to put forward a proposal that meets your needs! Very quickly, you will be ready to put your rental unit on the market to maximize profit and focus on what you’re really good at. A mood board is also provided to show you our design suggestions, allowing you to wow potential tenants. You thus maintain control over the process and the final result, while minimizing any potential downtime!

Once your approval is given, you simply sit back and relax while our team of professional interior designers, painters, electricians and other professionals outfit your new rental condo. When everything is ready, you’re handed the keys and can start visits for potential tenants interested in furnished units. It’s perfect for newcomers who don’t want to worry about buying everything.

Case in point

It’s Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. You’re a young professional who has just finished a long day at work and you’re in your car with your spouse headed to a store to pick out furniture for your condo unit that’s being built. However, since you’re in Montreal, no matter what time it is, there’s always a ton of traffic. It’s already 7:20 p.m. and you only just set foot in the store. You grab a bite to eat since you didn’t have time to eat supper at home. Then, you hurry around the store because it closes at 9 p.m. You end up leaving the store 20 minutes past closing because of the endless lineup at the cash. You leave with a few items and an idea about some bigger pieces, including a sofa… But that’s it. When you get home, it’s already 9:45 p.m. As you go to bed you’re already thinking about tomorrow, Wednesday, and the other stores you’ll have to visit. Why not leave all these worries to professionals!

Time for yourself

You can easily avoid all these headaches. Prêt à vivre guarantees that none of these back-and-forth shopping trips and design headaches will bring you down, because our team takes care of everything. Moreover, our designers are committed to choosing quality providers in order to deliver a result that your clients will love and that will have your unit rented in no time.

Think about it… You can’t make up for lost time. Time really is money and, money-wise, it has been proved that your time is better spent working than all of a sudden turning into a designer or a Jack of all trades. Most of us want more time for our personal lives, or more time to grow professionally. Prêt à vivre offers the best of both worlds. It allows you to bypass all the painstaking tasks related to acquiring your new condo unit, to achieve a timeless rental unit.

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