Apr 15, 2021

We take care of everything

Make your life easier!

Prêt à vivre was developed to make life easier for busy people from all walks of life. The Prêt à vivre team offers an all-inclusive design solution specifically designed for city life!

All inclusive

You’re wondering what a Prêt à vivre condo really is because it seems impossible that our team takes care of everything? Well, the word on the street is true… Prêt à vivre really does take care of everything! In fact, our team takes charge of choosing tableware, washing it and organizing it in the cabinets. The same is true for bedding, which is washed and put on the bed. You won’t even have the pleasure of pulling and tugging on the bed sheets to make sure they’re equal on both sides. We have experts for every job!

Let’s spell it out for you so you understand just how badly you need the Prêt à vivre team to decorate and furnish your new condo.
The first thing you see when you walk into a new condo is the entrance. While it may not seem very complex to set up, it’s important to have all the useful items.


Mirror, carpet, underlay, key holder / wall organizer, wall-mounted coat rack.
A beautifully furnished kitchen doesn’t just happen on its own! You have to shop, choose your appliances, and start all over again for every single item. Think about all the time you will save as you go through the extensive list of inclusions (and this is only for the kitchen!) :


Light fixture, dish towel, flatware set (16), tableware set (8), glasses (4), red wine glasses (4), white wine glasses (4), stemless wine glasses (4), napkins (6), cookware (4), nonstick pan, knife set, plastic cutting board, Pyrex salad bowl, protective mat for wood floors, decorative painting/wall paper, nylon spoon, salad servers (2), placemats (6), napkins (6), cookware (10), 2 nonstick pans, skimmer, nylon ladle, potato masher, tongs, silicone whisk, spatula (2), stainless steel strainer, 4-sided grater, silicone oven mitt, peeler, kitchen shears, 500 ml measuring cup, 250 ml measuring cup, baking sheet, pizza pan, rectangular Pyrex baking dish, ramekins (6), knife set, wood cutting board, plastic cutting board, Pyrex salad bowl, kettle, toaster, hand mixer, bottle opener, large soup bowls (6), pasta bowls (6), hand soap, dish soap, dish scrubber, in-sink scrubber holder, soap dispenser, in-cabinet towel rack, double slide-out waste bins. *If you’re more the frozen-meal type than the culinary explorer, we offer scaled-down options!

Dining room

Light fixture, round or rectangular table for 4, chairs (4), wall art, decorative fruit platter, 2 1-candle candlesticks and custom-made window treatment.

Let’s move on to the living room! An important room of the home. The goal is to create an attractive, comfortable and well-thought-out environment to get the most out of the space. Let’s take a moment to list everything you would have to buy to achieve such a space.

Living room

Two-seater sofa, accent pillows, armchair, coffee table, accent table, decorative ceiling fixture, floor lamp, accent lamp, entertainment unit, 42-inch television, shelving (4 x 24), carpet/underlay, 2 coffee table books, 3 decorative items, plant and cachepot, decorative painting / wall paper and custom-made window treatment.

A bedroom has to be relaxing and well organized to make us feel good and allow us to recharge our batteries. This means it should be furnished in a certain way.


Double or queen bed, 2 bedside tables, 2 bedside lamps, 2 carpets/underlay (24 x 36), floor lamp, dresser, ottoman, 2 decorative art pieces (20 x 30), 1 decorative art piece (18 x 24), decorative painting / wall paper, bedding for double or queen bed, comforter, 2 accent pillows, Egyptian cotton bedding, large duvet cover, large duvet/feather pillows, bathrobe, 2 sets of quality towels and one mattress cover. *Times two if you have two bedrooms.
While we’re at it, let’s have a look at the bathroom. While this room may feature a relatively simple layout, you would never believe all the different items you’ll need to buy.


Bathtub caddy, candle, 4 sets of towels, soap holder, silicone soap holder for the shower, squeegee, vanity set (glass, toothbrush holder), wall accessories: towel bar (18’’), hand towel holder, toilet paper holder, hook, wall-mounted light fixture, ceramic ottoman, decorative tissue holder, waste bin and toilet brush, soap dispenser, plant and cachepot, air freshener spray, carpet and underlay.

Lastly, we even take care of your laundry room, your household cleaners and your audiovisuals.

Laundry room

LED lighting, ironing board, laundry hamper, shelving.

Housekeeping kit

Iironing board, iron, vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, mop, microfibre mop, pail, various cleaning products, rag

Audiovisual kit

Television wall bracket, television, Sonos speaker, 48-inch television in bedroom #1, 2 television wall brackets, 3-speaker surround sound in the living room, Bluetooth radio in the bathroom.