May 31, 2021

What is Prêt à vivre?

A dream come true

Have you ever dreamed that the design and decorating of your condo be fully taken care of by experienced designers? Have you ever imagined having a team to manage all the shopping, installations and decorating for your condo? With Prêt à vivre, it’s possible. This solution allows you to take full advantage of a well-thought-out space that matches your tastes and preferences.

A unique and revolutionary concept

It is with great pride that Clairoux, interior design firm, presents its new Prêt à vivre concept. With over 6,500 condo unit design projects under its belt, the Clairoux team has made several observations that have allowed it to develop a solution addressing the real needs of condo owners. “With time constraints and the complex tasks involved in furnishing a new condo, we came to realize that we had to offer all-inclusive design solutions. We know how to maximize space, make small spaces feel big, and use every last dollar cleverly to transform an empty condo into a comfortable, well-adapted nest,” explains Frédric Clairoux, Senior Designer at Clairoux.

A team you can trust

Prêt à vivre brings together various professionals—from interior designers to decorators, painters to electricians, and many other tradespeople. Together, they are committed to delivering an unsurpassed experience in order to design tailored living spaces. The goal of Prêt à vivre is to make your life easier and to create a WOW effect, time and time again.

Say goodbye to worries, and hello to more free time

With Prêt à vivre, you don’t have to worry about endless shopping, difficult decisions, waiting for deliveries, managing workers, or scouring around to find a handyman! Our all-inclusive design solution allows you to save over 150 hours that can be better invested elsewhere. You can focus on projects you are passionate about and good at, or simply take some time to relax and enjoy life.

Make your life easier

Forget about making countless trips back and forth to the store, and constantly asking yourself the same questions—Will it make the space look overcrowded? Does the sofa I like fit in the living room? Do orange and purple match? (The answer is no, in case you were wondering . . .) What kind of window treatments best fit my needs? Yada yada yada . . . Spare yourself the endless torment with our turnkey decorating solution!

An easy, effective process

In terms of the process, your new Prêt à vivre home comes to life in 3 easy steps:

1. Information form: The Prêt à vivre questionnaire allows our team to learn more about your needs, your lifestyle, your preferences, and ultimately. . . the condo of your dreams.
2. Mood board and budget proposal: We analyze the information received in order to present a mood board that includes styles and colours, along with a detailed budget.
3. Project delivery: As soon as we get your approval, we organize the entire project, down to the smallest details, up until the big reveal.

Renewed and adaptable collections

Frédric Clairoux and his team of experienced designers design and renew seasonal design collections. Featuring polished aesthetics tailored to the needs of active people, these collections adapt to your preferences. When it comes to suppliers, we boast an impressive number of collaborators. We choose and negotiate every detail as though it were for our own home. We also offer kitchen, bedding and linen packages.

Prêt à vivre: a smart, worthwhile investment

More and more Quebeckers are turning to the rental market to invest their savings. Prêt à vivre is a perfect fit for this trend. For investors, it’s an easy way to ensure their new condos are rented quickly.

We strongly encourage you to watch our introductory video and visit our website to learn more!